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Izaya x Program!Reader: Trolling the Troll
You sat in Izaya's apartment, making yourself comfortable on his couch as you stared blankly at his TV. For some reason he loved watching these stupid kid's shows (well, you wouldn't say loved, but he still did for some inexplicable reason), and you were getting super bored of watching people in weird costumes getting excited and sad about totally worthless things, then preaching about love and friendship.
You couldn't switch the channel either - Izaya would get prissy and bug you until you put back on the stupid kid's show. You didn't want to manipulate the TV either to make it so the sound of the kid's show played while something else showed on the screen, since that would just be weird to try and watch.
You were a program, technically. You could manipulate anything technological, and you knew all there was to know about coding and all that wonderful techie stuff. Your body couldn't digest food or drink, but you didn't need any in return. You still had all the usual processes, though
:iconraisalis:Raisalis 46 7
Love and Hate - ANIMATED :iconpelissa:Pelissa 780 74 Happy Birthday Izaya :iconpelissa:Pelissa 1,377 149 Drrr - What does it look like :iconpelissa:Pelissa 1,014 239
Secret (Akabane Karma x Reader)

Warning: Cursing
"See you tomorrow, Koro-sensei!"
"See you all tomorrow, students. Now, I shall go get some delicious crocodile bread from Indonesia…"
(Y/n) smiled as she saw her teacher flew at his Mach 20 speed. Koro-sensei was really strong, yet he used his powers only for simple things such as getting snacks from other country. Could she really kill him before graduation?
"Hey, (y/n), let's go. Everyone's left already."
"Oh, okay."
Karma offered his hand which (y/n) took immediately. Hand-in-hand, they started walking down the mountain where their class was. It was always like that; whenever they got the chance, they would go home together. Although this chance was really hard to get, since their relationship was a secret.
Yes, Karma and (y/n) were in a secret relationship. They'd been dating each other since a week before third year.
Truthfully, (y/n) had been in the same class as Karma and Nagisa since first g
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 458 54
Show Me (Akabane Karma x Reader)

For Karma's birthday (although it's late by around an hour)! Happy birthday, you Akashi Seijurou's brother! There's more 3-E friendship in this story than Karma's romance, but still, this is for your birthday! I don't own the picture as always, I found it on zerochan.

Warning: slightly mature theme. Just slightly. And maybe a little OOC.
'Coldest and Most Targeted' was your title throughout all Kunugigaoka Junior High School. You were, indeed, the coldest student in school. You never talk much and you had a terrifying glare for people who bothered you. Your eyes were cold and you rarely smiled. But almost all male students were held captive by your looks; your flowing (h/c) hair, your mesmerizing (e/c) eyes… Even though people said that your gaze was as cold as ice, they also said that you had the shiniest (e/c) orbs. Long eyelashes, hooded eyes, cool expression, how could they not take a glance every so often? It was impossible.
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 309 16
~Manga Madness~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Warning: Contains mild language, and an implied sexual situation
Ikebukuro. A city plagued by gangs, violence, and flying vending machines. Here, almost anything was possible. You learned that the hard way when you first moved to this city.
You were young when your parents divorced. Because of conflicting job offers and custody issues, your father and older brother moved to Japan while you stayed in America with your mother. When you got older, your brother suggested that you move to Japan and into his new apartment with him.
It didn't take much to convince you before you were off to the city of Ikebukuro.
Of course, you weren't expecting your new arrival to be welcomed by a nearly fatal encounter with an uprooted stop sign flying through the air in your direction. To make matters worse, a young man with black hair tried using you as a human shield while a blonde haired man wearing a bartender outfit charged after him while yelling, "IZAYAAAA!!"
After that little fiasco, your
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 459 129
~ Call My Name ~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Please Read The Description FIRST!!
~ Warning: Contains a very mild sexual situation ~
It has been three months since your negotiation with Shizuo... Three whole months since the last time you read manga or watched anime. Luckily, Erika took the extra effort to keep you updated on every manga chapter and every anime episode that you had been interested in.
Even though you were unable to partake in your favorite hobby, you were actually quite content with your new arrangements. Shizuo had been in a better mood lately... at least when Izaya didn't show up to fuel his anger.
You two were spending more time together, like a couple should.
Simple things like going for walks around town, visiting Celty and Shinra more, stopping by Russia Sushi occasionally for lunch, and having movie night at home on weekends were activities that you enjoyed doing with Shizuo. Especially since it was bringing
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 319 104
She Was One Too (Blue Exorcist [guys] x Reader)
Rin was the one who had to show her around. He had to show her around the school. The regular school, actually. The creepy clown had requested it. Why?
She seemed nice. Very pretty and a nice chest. Not that he'll every say.  He stared for a moment, but looked away. He hid a small blush.
She was quiet, but he could tell she was the type to start talking non-stop when she got comfortable. He liked that. He hoped they would be friends soon.
"This is your main classroom where you'll go. I think my brother Yukio is here." He pondered, pointing at a classroom on the right. He stared at the door, his face in concentration. Her gaze followed his eyes. She smiled brightly.
"Cool! Thank you, Okumura-san." She smiled sweetly. He blushed and looked away. Gosh, she had such a doe-eyed look in her face. Damn, if he became friends with her, he hoped not to spill his secret. She'll run away...
"You can call me Rin." He grinned, watching her hesitate with something. He poked her cheek, watching h
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 174 30
Prodigy [Daddy!Izaya x Mommy!Police!Reader]
Izaya Orihara was a father.
If that fact alone wasn’t a sign of the coming apocalypse, you didn’t know what was.
After nine months of no work at the station, aches, pains, and headaches, both literally and figuratively, you produced a gorgeous child with jet black hair and huge, hazel eyes. Despite being the child of an angry policewoman and Izaya Orihara of all people, the boy, whom Izaya promptly dubbed Akira, has always been a quiet child, crying only when he felt hungry or tired. All understandable you assumed.
As he aged, he revealed signs of a brilliant mind concealed behind that mess of black hair. He picked up words at a rapid rate, which meant you were required to watch your language. He began fiddling with puzzles and putting them together no later than a year and a half. With Izaya’s constant reading to him all his life, he followed in those footsteps, picking up his own books off choice, flipping through them with interest.
You hated to brag, but you were
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 294 63
Commission - Free: OC Mel and Rin Matsuoka :icondannex009:dannex009 436 33
Fun Time. (RWBY x Male! Mystic! Reader)
(A/N: Your Semblance in this one shot is like Mystic from X-men: Days future past. In this scenario you are Yang's boyfriend and Blake's half-brother. I hope you all like this.)
"You serious about that?" Yang ask as she look at her boyfriend for more than 2 months. She was shock when he told her his semblance which is he was able to copy the person's appearance, and also the action of each person.
"I'm serious Yang." He said.
"So that's why you know my likes and dislikes." She chuckles. "Also figured out that Ruby is asking so much question a month ago before our date and when I ask her about why she asks about it she just said, 'What are you talking about? I haven't ask you a thing'." She said while she chuckles at him.
"My fault." Said the (H/C) haired male.
"Good thing you didn't sneak a peak, Mystic boy." She said with a playful smirk and tug (Y/N)'s shoulder while they are both sitting in his bed in his dorm. Good thing, (Y/N) is in a one man team which means he and Yang co
:iconnot-everlark2k16:Not-Everlark2k16 24 19
Mature content
Valentine's Lemon. Jumin Han x Reader :iconlalahbug:LalahBug 29 7
Moana :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,749 530
Love Bites (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
“Oh my god Rin! I am so going to kill you” you growled as you looked in the mirror
“Just chill already, it’s almost gone” he sighed, lying on his bed and looking at his phone
“As if that was excuse, we both know you’ll just do it again as soon as this one leaves”
“So what? You love it” he smirked, not looking at you
“No I don’t!” you started, walking into his bedroom “do you know how many bottles of concealer I have used since we started dating? 5!”
“So don’t use so much!” he rolled his eyes
“What? Are you serious? I can’t go out like this!” you puffed, looking back into the mirror
“You take these way too seriously, no one would notice” Rin commented, finally raising an eyebrow to look at you
“Everyone would notice! You’re not that subtitle when it comes to your ‘art’” you mocked, ignoring the smirk he held
Rin got up an
:iconotakulane:otakulane 783 109
ao no exorcist Wallpaper :iconhesapolsunda:hesapolsunda 15 2


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